Sintrument The artwork anthropomorphizes the primitive digital growl of the music with a portrait of the bottom third of a proto-human skull. The subtle smile features fangs so large they call to mind the tusks of a boar, bracketing powerful incisors, finally tapering into a strong and obviously human chin, stripped of skin and muscle. The hint of a reflection below implies an introspective moment, the lighting low, the room filled with a soft atmosphere, the texture of oil paint, rough like plywood, hangs in the air. Sintrument listens along.

About Sintrument

Interactive music album with Photoshop painting, interactive ISO audio player, minimalist clean links, hand-coded W3C HTML5 with CSS level 3 + SVG, unobtrusive JavaScript ES5, and PHP7. Responsive from iPhone to 4KTV. Audio content created with a wide variety of audio synthesis and sampling techniques such as reverse sonograms and random algorithms.

The sounds of Sintrument are sculpted digital audio, each created in the audio stream itself, rather than acoustically recorded and then encoded. No air was disturbed during the making of Sintrument. No microphones were used. Sintrument forgoes acoustic and even electromagnetic sound waves for the vibrations of the purely digital. Sintrument lives only as numbers until you press play.

Written, produced, and performed by Simon White.

Artwork and code by Simon White.

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Simon White


Handmade by Simon White.


Sintrument is internationally standardized for universal compatibility.


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